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Dispense systems

LOCTITE® Low Viscosity Pneumatic Handheld Applicator

Handheld dispensing for low-viscosity adhesives

Handheld dispensing valve that can deliver very small drop sizes, even with low viscosity products. Slim, ergonomic design for ease of application.

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LOCTITE® Low Viscosity Pneumatic Handheld Applicator

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The LOCTITE® Low Viscosity Pneumatic Handheld Applicator is our most precise, handheld applicator for a wide range of low-viscosity LOCTITE products, especially cyanoacrylates. It repeatably dispenses drops down to 0.005g and works for low pressure applications up to 30 psi. The valve body and stem are PTFE-coated to prevent premature curing of these sensitive products. It is a pneumatic, manually operated, adjustable seat valve designed to be used in conjunction with pressure-time dispense systems.


Dispensing adhesives

Dispense patterns:


Fluid pressure, Recommended:

4.0 psi - 30.0 psi

Key characteristics, Recommended:

Stroke adjustment,Viscosity: low viscosity

Operating type:


Used to dispense, Recommended:

Cyanoacrylates,Retaining compounds,Threadlockers

Viscosity, Recommended:

0.0 mPa·s - 10000.0 mPa·s

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LOCTITE® Low Viscosity Pneumatic Handheld Applicator

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LOCTITE® Low Viscosity Pneumatic Handheld Applicator