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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Assembly and thermal management for automotive large curved design display

Our customer's success with elastic structural adhesive and volatile controlled thermal interface material for large curved display.
Front view from inside of SUV focusing on the cockpit and dashboard display

The vehicle instrument cluster and center information display are rapidly becoming larger and more integrated. The use of this type of large and integrated display will likely increase over the next few years and become a trend in automotive displays.

In addition to the ability to be formed and shaped, integrated displays must meet strict automotive requirements. Vehicle displays face a unique environment and therefore require high-levels of reliability. They must withstand temperature cycles and humidity conditions that are much more severe than those to which consumer electronics are generally exposed.

At the same time, manufacturing cost requirements are even more important given the trend towards larger screens. Helping to set up the appropriate process cycle time in mass manufacturing with less production failure are key when selecting both structural bonding for assembly and thermal interface materials. TEROSON® MS 650, elastic structural adhesive, was used for the assembly of dissimilar substrates for a large and curved design display. BERGQUIST® TGF 3500LVO was adopted for effective heat transmission of the control unit. Both products achieved ideal process cycle time.

The professional advice of Henkel experts, including application engineering and laboratory support for prototyping, help the customer in finding the best solution for structural adhesives and thermal management materials in mass production to meet severe requirements. It demonstrated to the customer that Henkel is a reliable partner for automotive display technology.

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