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What's happening on your spray line?

LinEx's smart camera system provides high-definition video inside pretreatment lines, optimizing processes, boosting efficiency, and minimizing downtime for maintenance in a transparent manner.

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A pretreatment line is a bit like a black box. You know what it is, but you’re not quite certain about what exactly is happening inside. If you open the door, you’ll probably see a lot of spray or steam. The line might even stop operating until you shut the door. With the LinEx smart camera system, you can see high-definition video of what’s really happening – so you can optimize the process, boost efficiency and reduce downtime for maintenance.

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LinEx is the latest innovation for metal pretreatment processes. It allows manufacturers to see exactly what happens in their spray lines for metal parts – in real time and from the part’s perspective. This opens up incredible opportunities to improve quality and productivity, while also gathering valuable data and enabling a more proactive approach to maintenance.

The system features a high-definition camera equipped with a light and a battery pack, encapsulated within a transparent plastic case. It is able to pass through even the most aggressive pretreatment chemicals while shooting 360-degree video footage that can be watched via a live stream, or saved locally to view or share later.

Boosting performance and solving problems

The panoramic camera can zoom or spin in every direction, even against the route of travel. This provides unprecedented insights into the pretreatment process. For example, manufacturers can see exactly where overspray goes. The positioning and setup of the LinEx system can even be adapted to capture the perfect angle for your specific process.

This digital equipment makes it possible to monitor the industrial process online and remotely using any connected device. The smart LinEx system also identifies possible causes of errors such as clogged nozzles, and can be programmed to automatically generate a maintenance request. This supports maintenance efficiency and cuts the need for downtime.

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Inspiring the metals industry

Companies from across the metals industry worldwide are now using LinEx to improve efficiency and quality – while contributing to sustainability too. The system was also used to create our BONDERITE Chair, which is at the heart of our “BONDERITE goes around the world” program.

Customers from across industries worldwide are sitting on this chair and telling first-hand stories about using our innovations to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Experts from Henkel will also feature in interviews to provide deep insights into our technologies.

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