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Sustainability. We make it happen

Driving sustainability through innovation, with our pioneering spirit, knowledge and innovative technologies.
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Bio-based adhesives

Renewable carbon and bio-based materials contributing to a more sustainable future.

For the consumer electronics industry, sustainability is one of the most discussed topics for the entire value chain. Therefore, new solutions need to find their way into the market to proactively push forward on lowering the overall CO2 footprint of the products as well as the production processes while increasing the usage of bio-based raw materials.

In the electronics sector, we pioneer new solutions that replace fossil raw materials with materials made from biomass with a range of adhesives developed. By 2025, we want to produce every polyurethane adhesive with at least 50 percent renewable carbon.

Case study - Industry’s first bio-based PUR hot melt structural adhesive for consumer electronics assembly

Positive sustainability contribution of LOCTITE® HHD 3544F:

  • 66% of bio-based (renewable carbon) content from renewable plant-based feedstock*
  • Reduces cradle-to-gate footprint by 22% compared to incumbent product

* Biomass content ISCC + 3rd party certified

Debonding-on-demand adhesives

Enable sustainable end of life and device repairability.

Sustainable end-of-life is a priority for consuming devices. ‘Right to Repair' gaining ground in the EU, isn’t just a consumer movement - it's a call to action for electronics manufacturers. Emphasizing the emerging ‘Right-to-Repair’ space will transform the way our customers operate.

In this context, adhesive technologies are a strategic enabler for our customers – to facilitate product longevity through repair, recycling, and redesign, enabling debondability and rebondabilities.

Leveraging our cross-industry expertise, we aim to drive the circular use of resources, debonding on demand and compatibility with recycling. Our teams are co-innovating with customers to excel in design for sustainability, find fresh ways which enable easier disassembly, repairability and recyclability of consumer devices.

Skin-friendly adhesives and encapsulants

Sustainable innovations safeguarding wearable devices, improving safety profile.

A small number of people might experience reactions to certain materials. This can be due to allergies, environmental factors, extended exposure to irritants like sweat, and other causes.

In addition to ensuring that all materials adhere to existing regulations, a great deal of care and evaluations goes into engineering our products for wearable devices:

  • Our chemical-resistant PUR hot melt formulations resisting contact with sweat, sunscreen, and common chemicals.
  • Our IBOA-free formulations mitigating risks to consumers posed by allergic/irritant reactions.

Our sustainable product portfolio is effectively addressing potential health & safety concerns in production, in application at the customer, and in end use. That’s how we help our customers differentiate in this new environment!

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