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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Adhesives for electronics components

Explore our electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) & non-conductive adhesives (NCAs).
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Electrically conductive adhesives

Henkel’s electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) are ideal for use in electrical interconnect, thermal, and structural bonding applications for improved reliability in electronic systems. Ensuring strong bonds, superior conductivity, and efficient thermal dissipation, each of our electrically conductive pastes and epoxies delivers best-in-class performance to enhance any assembly or application.

Our broad portfolio of electrically conductive pastes is formulated using a variety of base chemistries including acrylate, epoxy, and silicone platforms, each of which is designed to provide manufacturers with choice and flexibility for varying requirements. Our chemical technologies ensure easy application in any setting - whether that’s using snap cure, heat cure, room-temperature cure, or dual component conductive adhesives. 

Non-conductive adhesives

Non-conductive adhesives (NCAs) can withstand high thermal loads and can potentially provide high shock and peel resistance. They demonstrate excellent chemical resistance, thermal shock and impact resistance while also maintaining a wide operating temperature range.

Performance that sticks

For manufacturers that require both faultless electrical performance and thermal dissipation functionality, Henkel’s ECAs and NCAs are the most dependable adhesives on the market, delivering proven reliability and easy integration within a range of industrial processes that can be designed to fit around specific applications or environments.



Robust Processability

  • Good and consistent dispensability
  • Low temperature and fast cure for heat sensitive components
  • Good surface compatibility: Au, Ag or Ni substrates
  • Good and consistent dispensability
  • Low temperature cure for heat sensitive components
  • Dual-cure system for very fast cure and flexibility

Improved Reliability

  • Good and stable electrical performance
  • Good adhesion to different substrates: Au, Ag or Ni
  • Improved thermo-mechanical performance for better mechanical reliability
  • Good adhesion to different surfaces and engineering plastics
  • Stress management for reliable performance
  • Improved thermo-mechanical performance for better mechanical reliability
  • Low temperature and fast curing process for low energy consumption
  • Fast curing for better productivity (higher UPH)
  • Low temperature cure ECA as solder alternative (Pb-free)


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