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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Aluminum coil lubricants

Protecting aluminum coil surfaces.
1 min.
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Henkel lubricants are applied to the aluminum coil at the end of the production process for can bodies. These solutions are often referred to as post-lubes or postlubes. They protect the surface from scratches and other damage during transport, while also ensuring corrosion protection during storage. They are fully compatible with cupper-lubes and body-maker chemicals from BONDERITE® that are widely used in can factories.

The conductivity or resistivity of these products must be in the right range when used in electrostatic applications of 200-250 mg/m² viscosity. Our experts check and document this important parameter on the certificate of analysis for our customers.


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    Aluminum coil pretreatment

    Supporting safety, efficiency and sustainability.

    4 min.

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