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Aluminum coil pretreatment

Supporting safety, efficiency and sustainability.
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Aluminum is increasingly popular, as companies strive to design and manufacture products that contribute to sustainability. This includes lightweight cars that consume less fuel, energy-efficient buildings that save energy with improved insulation, or food and beverage packaging that is quick and easy to recycle. BONDERITE® offers several innovations that support safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility across industries. Our cleaning and degreasing technologies are a powerful example, as well as aluminum coil pretreatments and aluminum coil coatings.

Aluminum coil degreasing

Degreasing is the first step in the process chain when working with aluminum coil. It’s also a very important step because removing contaminants effectively ensures the best possible results from the later mechanical or chemical process stages. BONDERITE® offers mild alkaline liquid solutions and powder products that are specifically designed to remove oils, magnesium oxides and polishing pastes from aluminum. These innovative and sustainable technologies are free from borate and silicate, and are suitable for high-gloss aluminum. Our degreasers support a wide range of temperatures and are proven to improve paint and lacquer adhesion.

Using degreasers that are specifically designed for aluminum gives manufacturers several valuable advantages. Without these targeted innovations, producers may have to use heavy-duty alkaline cleaners that are typically used for steel. These degreasers can partially dissolve aluminum or blacken the surface. The types of mill lubricants, cutting oils and stamping compounds used for aluminum are also different to those used for steel.

BONDERITE® provides aluminum degreasers that are truly optimized for working with this metal. Our easy-to-use technologies include alkaline and acidic formulations for immersion and ultrasonic applications. By switching to our specialized products, customers are able to improve process efficiency – saving time, money and energy. This supports companies in moving closer to their targets for safety and sustainability. BONDERITE® solutions also deliver the best possible surface properties, while our experts work closely with each customer to ensure outstanding results.

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Aluminum coil pretreatment

Sustainability is a hot topic in every industry. New regulations and rising customer expectations are driving transformative change, and the metals industry is playing a central role in that process. BONDERITE® offers traditional chromium-based pretreatments, as well as pretreatments and new non-chromium aluminum coil coatings that provide outstanding corrosion resistance and paint adhesion – with a more stable and sustainable process.

Our extensive range of conversion coatings based on zirconium or titanium is specially optimized for the pretreatment of aluminum and its alloys. This includes solutions that can be applied via spray and immersion processes. BONDERITE® technologies create an exceptional base for the bonding of adhesives and organic finishes, which ensures a durable and corrosion-free surface.

One example is our new no-rinse pretreatment for Can End Stock (CES), which is BPA-NI compatible and can substitute technologies that are based on Chromium III.

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Benefits of aluminum coil pretreatment


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    Aluminum coil lubricants

    Protecting aluminum coil surfaces.

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