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Proper ventilation – sometimes it can be beneficial to have ventilation in the downward or horizontal directions because vapors are heavier than air.

Blooming - often occurs from excessive amount of product being applied. In order to avoid blooming, use proper ventilation, less product, lower humidity, or use a primer.

CA adhesives bond skin very rapidly because of its high moisture content. An easy way to separate bonded fingers and skin is to inflict a peel force on the bond line by simply rolling a pen or pencil through the bond joint. You could also try warm water and soap.

Stress cracking: Leaving uncured liquid CA remaining on some plastic substrate (such as polycarbonate, acrylic, and polysulfone) in a stressed condition may cause the formation of cracks in the plastic. Some remedies for avoiding/minimizing stress cracking are closing the bond joint quickly, use reinforced grades of plastic, anneal parts, or speed cure the CA with accelerator or light (for Flashcure products only).

There are several methods to toughen CA adhesives, but the most popular ways are using rubber or anhydride toughening agents. The toughening agents are designed to absorb and distribute impact and stress applied to the adhesive bond line resulting in a tougher bond.

You can store CA’s in the refrigerator prior to opening, but DO NOT refrigerate them once they have already been opened.

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