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Henkel Adhesive Technologies


SONDERHOFF contract manufacturing

With our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of application-specific chemistry and innovative mixing and dosing machines, our contract manufacturing services make even the most complex tasks easy for you.

A man working behind a Sonderhoff machine | Key visual Sonderhoff subcontracting.
An infographic showing the interplay of material, machine and contract manufacturing.

Simplify your manufacturing processes

Our dosing technology and material systems are precisely tailored for customer-specific applications, ensuring precise, safe, and efficient processing. We'll help you determine whether "MAKE," "BUY," or a combination is the best solution. Opt for "MAKE" to control your production using our mixing and dosing machines.

Choose "BUY" to have our contract manufacturing handle your component sealing, bonding, and potting. Benefit from reliable outsourcing, ensuring high-quality standards, flexibility, and fast responses to changing requirements. Whether you use our in-house systems or outsource to us, our expertise allows you to fully focus on your core business.

Sonderhoff Subcontracting - mixing head applies a foam gasket.

Contract manufacturing process

Sonderhoff Subcontracting value chain.

Benefit from more than the unit price

We optimize processes by saving space, steps, and time spent looking for experts. With multiple mixing and dosing systems in multishift operation, we offer flexible production during peak orders or insufficient capacities, adapting to your supply chain complexity with reliability and just-in-time delivery.

Mixing and dosing machine in action.
Sonderhoff image gasketing process.

We ensure high operator training through specialized courses and guarantee the highest manufacturing quality, certified by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, for components ranging from low to very complex. Additionally, we assume the manufacturing risk. Benefit from our expertise in handling chemical products, covering storage and disposal.

Why choose contract manufacturing

Committed to our philosophy of "Understanding requirements, developing together, sustainable accompaniment," we provide tailored solutions to meet the highest customer-specific industrial requirements. Our highly experienced team offers expert advice throughout your product's life cycle and always aim to maximize the added value for your product and company.

Sonderhoff technician in front of a DM 402 mixing and dosing machine.

The right option at any time

From design support to near-series production tests, we'll guide you throughout your product's life cycle. Additionally, our expertise in complex supply chains ensures optimal supply flow in response to your dynamic production requirements. As your contract manufacturing partner, we guarantee stable series production from start to end.

Sonderhoff value chain.
Sonderhoff mixing head MK 800 PRO applies a foam gasket around the earth.

Customizable solutions for diverse applications

WIth extensive expertise in Formed-In-Place (Foam-Gasket) technology, we offer customizable sealing, bonding, and potting solutions for diverse industries, including automotive, e-mobility, photovoltaics, household appliances, electronics, air conditioning and ventilation technology, lighting and more. Our focus is on adding value to your product and company.

Certified quality management

Our ISO 9001-certified quality management ensures the seamless integration of dosing systems and materials, guaranteeing optimal reliability for your components. Additionally, we offer further additive manufacturing steps upon request, providing a comprehensive and unparalleled package encompassing speed, flexibility, reliability, and quality.

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