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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Chemical management services

With state-of-the-art information systems, centralized sourcing and procurement, and dedicated technical expertise, our range of chemical management services provides high-quality solutions for a broad range of industries.

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Why use chemical management services

We understand the challenges with chemical management processes and provide comprehensive chemical management services to a wide range of industries. Our advanced information systems and centralized sourcing and procurement, along with highly specialized technical expertise make Henkel the optimal lean solution for enhancing your operations.

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Aerospace chemical management

Streamline your chemical needs and focus on your mission: aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. We will focus on your chemical requirements. Our aerospace chemical management services ensure your team is productive, efficient, and in control of chemical consumption, resulting in faster time-to-market.

Online sourcing and procurement

Live support

You'll receive live buyer support for any required adhesive, sealant, paint, coating, oil, and other chemicals.

Maintain controls

You can maintain controls by creating and managing your approved chemical catolog for your specific site(s).

Speed-up procurement and logistics

Simplify and increase the speed of procurement and logistics by registering approved requisitioners at your locations.

Quick reaction capabilities

Ensure quick reaction capabilities support for military FSL, base MRO, and AOG commercial MRO operations.

Full-service on site support

100% compliance

Attain 100% compliance with your most demanding customer platform requirements with our MISL® on-site support solution.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitor and report chemical use from point of use to platform, project, or job.

Clear overview

Easily access information on the location, batch, and expiration date of any on-site chemical product at any time.

Audit compliant

Become chemical management audit compliant (AS9100, AS9120, Armed Forces, FAA) and don't worry about expired products.
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Automotive and general industry chemical management

With extensive expertise in chemical management processes, our automotive, e-mobility and general industrial chemical management services ensure a completely seamless experience and include performance monitoring, certification, approvals, environmental reporting, FIFO management, and compliance with industry audit standards (e.g., TS:16949, FAA, AS9100).

Service benefits

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