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Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Smart packaging control

Small adjustments – nozzle setting, tank pressure, temperature, etc. – can alter adhesive settings causing long-term deviations in the application amount. Smart packaging control improves product quality and in-spec rate while eliminating pop opens.

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What is smart packaging control?

A smart packaging control system monitors and manages various aspects of the packaging process in an intelligent and automated manner and helps ensure that packaging operations run efficiently, maintain high quality, and minimize errors. Smart packaging control acts as a 24/7 companion that monitors the adhesive application on your packaging lines.

Unlock package success

  1. Collect and monitor data – Easy-to-integrate, non-invasive SMART sensor securely gathers and analyses data remotely.
  2. Analyze and visualize data – Monitor adhesive application in real-time with intuitive data analytics platform.
  3. Proactive alerts and recommendations – Notifications are sent directly to the operations manager.
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Improve in-spec package quality with free trial

Choose up to three packaging lines in you facility to participate in a free trial of our smart packaging control system. Our technical team will install the necessary sensors on the designated lines and will use the collected trial data to establish a baseline that will help manufacturers estimate savings for other plants and production lines.

Benefits of smart packaging control

Our smart packaging technology combines the power of big data with industry-leading adhesive expertise to ensure consistent packaging quality control. When it comes to adhesives, we have your back.

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24/7 monitoring and support

Our patented, stay-in-place, non-invasive smart sensors are installed on each hot melt adhesive nozzle to ensure accuracy.

Power of data

Data digested and translated into actionable intellegence.

Expert recommendations

We always have your back! Our industry-leading adhesive experts provide proactive and actionable preventative corrections.

Increase in-spec packaging quality

Ensuring your brand reputation and providing the highest quality products for your customers is our main goal.

Package production savings

Detecting issues early and ensuring the right amount of adhesive is being applied, reduces downtime and material waste.

Smart packaging control is a Qhesive solution

Smart packaging control harnesses megatrends such as digitization and IoT to craft solutions that enhance performance. As an integral component of Henkel's Qhesive solution, these solutions leverage our expertise in material science and chemistry and blend it with intelligent analytics to elevate and enhance existing products and processes.

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Looking for solutions? We can help

Get in touch with our experts and start exploring advanced materials solutions today.

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