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Material testing and analytics

Our lab testing and material analytical services provide accurate information about the performance properties of our products. Our expertise allows us to use different testing variations that meet specific application and assembly geometries.

Female Henkel technician with XPS machine inside lab and closeup of composite wheel.

Mechanical testing

Our mechanical testing services assess the material properties of your parts, including flow, assembly strength, and durability. Individual products can perform differently depending on the design and specifications of the application. We test the performance of Henkel products and provide the insightful performance data you need to choose the best solution.

Biaxial test with hollow cylinder specimens bonded with adhesive.

Ensure accurate product comparisons

With our experience and expertise, our ISO 17025-accredited testing labs ensure accurate product comparisons, giving us a competitive advantage. Understanding the fundamentals of testing also allows us to introduce variations. This can include test arrangements suggested by you that align better with specific applications or assembly geometries.

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Torque performance

Threaded assemblies are a common feature in machinery construction. The reliability of these assemblies depends on torque performance, which can be affected by issues such as tension release or self-loosening. We conduct tests to evaluate the effectiveness of our threadlocking adhesives in preventing movement and ensuring assemblies remain secure.

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Environmental resistance

Environmental factors can impact exposed adhesive performance. Environmental testing of bonded parts helps assess the effectiveness of our adhesive products when exposed to various moisture levels, temperatures, and chemicals.  Learn how adhesive testing can help you choose the right products for your applications.

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Shear strength

Evaluate the structural integrity of a bond between two surfaces through our shear strength product testing. Shear strength tests assess how well the bonds in your application can withstand pressure. This information can assist you in selecting the optimal adhesive product for your applications.

Analytical testing

Henkel analytical testing laboratories evaluate the properties and characteristics of materials using various techniques. This can include assessing composition, structure, performance, and other relevant factors that provide valuable data for quality control, product development, and process optimization.

Two people, including a Henkel employee, performing various manufacturing tasks.

Our analytical testing includes

Molecular structure & composition id

Illustrate the exact molecular structures of each chemical compound.

Quantitative analysis

Quantify the chemical composition of multi-component formulations.

Surface/interface morphology

Specify the morphological and mesostructure of bulk materials at the surface or interface.

Polymer characterizations

Characterize functionality, architecture, rheology, and thermal/mechanical properties of macromolecules.

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