Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Specialty oils and lubricants


Multi-purpose, waterproofing, silicone-based lubricant

Silicone lubricant that seals, lubricates, protects, waterproofs and insulates many common materials.

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If you’re looking to lubricate stopcocks, o-rings, plug valves, ball valves, or valve stem packings, give LOCTITE® LB 8801 a try. This silicone grease is ideal for sealing, greasing, protecting, waterproofing and insulating metal, rubber and plastic parts, and is applied by brushing, spraying or dabbing on the surface. LOCTITE® LB 8801 has excellent resistance to water and water-based fluids, alcohols, mineral oils and vegetable oils, making it ideal for protecting electrical contacts against moisture.

Application method:




Key characteristics:

Water Resistant

Number of components:

1 Part

Physical form:


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