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Bio-resistant, low-foam, and water-soluble machining lubricant

Bio-resistant, high-oil and low-foam content, water-soluble, semi-synthetic fluid designed for machining and grinding ferrous and aluminum alloys.

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If you’re looking for a bio-resistant machining lubricant with excellent lubrication qualities, superb wetting characteristics, and wide applicability, BONDERITE® L-MR B 583H is ideal. This low-foam and semi-synthetic fluid is designed particularly for machining and grinding ferrous and aluminum alloys. BONDERITE® L-MR B 583H contains no secondary amines, which makes it suitable for use in operations that wish to eliminate these amines but still gain the advantages of a bio-resistant technology. The broad applicability potential makes BONDERITE® L-MR B 583H suitable for use on brass, copper, and other exotic. Its versatile use allows it to easily replace many different product types to provide one universal material.

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