Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Metal forming lubricants


Environment-friendly lubricant glaze for use on titanium billets

Solvent and lead-free lubricant for applying a protective coating onto titanium and super alloy billets.

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If you’re looking for a solvent and lead-free glaze for lubricating titanium, consider BONDERITE® L-FG FB 412. Made specifically for dip application, this environmentally friendly product makes it easy to add protective coating onto titanium and super alloy billets for forging and extrusion. Mixed with compatible die lubricants, BONDERITE® L-FG FB 412 assists lubrication even at high-temperature forming operations as it promotes good metal flow and reduces heat loss from the billet surface. BONDERITE® L-FG FB 412 has been proven to protect titanium billets in the furnace for up to four times longer than conventional lead-based glazes.

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