Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Protective coatings


Exterior finish, 1-part clear coating for protecting, restoring and extending the life of painted surfaces 

Clear coating for applying directly over existing paint on a vehicle to protect and restore to look like new. It can be spray-applied or wiped on with a pad applicator, meaning you always get excellent flow and leveling. 

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To protect and restore vehicle paint so it looks like new, choose LOCTITE® PC 4400. This 1-part clear coating can be applied directly over existing paint, either spray-applied or wiped on with a pad applicator. The application can be done directly onto newly painted surface (once cured) or mature paint (following degrease/dewax, sanding & cleaning processes). It eliminates the lost time and quality risks associated with 2-part coatings and – as it repels water, dirt, oil and algae – extends paint life by up to 10 years. Key applications include agricultural equipment, construction, mining, utility vehicles, salt/plow trucks, specialty buses, rail, military, forestry, freight/ delivery trucks, garbage haulers, and specialty fleet vehicles. 

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