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Instant component bonding - Low viscosity for tight fitting parts

Exceptionally low viscosity instant adhesives forming an ultra thin adhesive film for smallest adhesive gaps in seconds (fast-fixturing). Suitable for plastics and elastomeric materials.

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Part no. (SKU/IDH) 135436
LOCTITE® 406, 20 g Bottle

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LOCTITE® 406 is a low viscosity instant adhesive designed especially for the fast bonding of plastics and rubbers. It fixes the adhering components in seconds and hardens very quickly forming an ultra thin bond. Using the primer LOCTITE® SF 770, the assembly of difficult-to-bond (PP, PE, PTFE) materials is possible.

Application method:

Dispense System,Manual


Bonding Elastomerics,Bonding Plastic



Cure type:

Moisture Cure

Fixture time, Steel:

30.0 sec.

Gap fill:

0.12 mm

Key characteristics:

Fixture: Fast Fixture,Viscosity: Low Viscosity

Operating temperature:

-40.0 °C - 120.0 °C (40.0 °F - 250.0 °F)

Physical form:


Recommended for use with:


Resin: Viscosity:

20.0 mPa·s (cP)

Shear strength, Mild Steel (grit blasted):

15.5 N/mm² (2250.0 psi)

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