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LOCTITE® PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser

Precision dispensing of dots and beads

This benchtop bottle dispenser that provides volumetric dispensing of single-component products.

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LOCTITE® PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser

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The LOCTITE® PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser is a reliable and effective benchtop bottle dispenser of single-component, low viscosity adhesives. It is great for precise dosing or applications that require a specific flow rate. This dispenser is electro-mechanically operated and does not require the use of an air source. It transfers liquids directly from the bottle to a handheld dispense valve. This dispenser provides volumetric dispensing of non-thixotropic materials such as cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, UV products, or solvents up to a viscosity of 5,000 mPa·s. It can be used as a manual, or semi-automatic, workstation.

Good to know:
- Forward and reverse motion of rotor for regulating specific flow rates
- Instant reverse for vacuum suck-back: shuts off the flow of liquid to prevent dripping

You may also need:
- Handheld applicator for triggered drop application: LOCTITE® PU20 Applicator Assembly (item #2737712)
- Simple and convenient load mechanism tubing replacement: LOCTITE® Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser Feedline (item #1001830)


Dispensing Adhesives

Dispense patterns:


Key characteristics:

Vacuum Suck-Back

Operating type:

Positive Displacement,Volumetric

Used to dispense:

Cyanoacrylates,Light Cure Acrylics,Retaining Compounds,Threadlockers


0.0 mPa·s - 5000.0 mPa·s

Works with package types & sizes:

Bottle, Any

You might also need

  • LOCTITE Benchtop Peristaltic Feedline Tubing, IDH 1001830

    Consumables and supplies

    LOCTITE® Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser Feedline


  • LOCTITE PU20 Applicator Assembly 18mm, IDH 2737712

    Dispense systems

    LOCTITE® PU20 Applicator Assembly (18mm)


  • LOCTITE PU20 Pump Head (IDH 2737713)

    Dispense systems

    LOCTITE® PU20 Pump Head (18mm)


  • LOCTITE PU20 Tip Adapter (IDH 2737714, 2737715, 2737716, 2737717)

    Dispense systems

    LOCTITE® PU20 Tip Adapters (18mm)


LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser