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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Building components

Building components must be lighter, stronger, and efficiently manufactured. Innovative materials can enable these outcomes, provide enhanced performance and aesthetics, and sway a construction project’s overall carbon footprint.

Henkel building components

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We are serving the global Building Components market with high-impact, sustainable solutions.1


Energy cost reduction

By suitably insulating building envelope in existing structures.2


Annual deep renovation rate ​

is needed from now to 2030 and beyond to​
meet 2050 NZE scenario requirements​.3

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  • Engineered wood

Driving sustainability

Across industries, Henkel is working for the good of generations. From the building industry and beyond, Henkel is making a positive impact on the climate, circularity, and safety.

Henkel Sustainability

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Market segments

Insulation Panels

Sandwich panels & rolled goods

Sandwich panel lamination and rolled goods play a central role in the building industry, especially in thermal and acoustic insulation. Applications include insulated or decorative panels, and insulation for cavity walls, loft conversion, partition walls, floors, ceilings, and pipe wrappings.

Commercial roofing


Adhesives for roofing components play a vital role in creating durable, weather-resistant, and secure products. The selection of the appropriate adhesive depends on the specific roofing application, the substrate materials, the manufacturing process, environmental conditions and performance requirements of the component.

Aluminium profiles


A wide range of solutions work within window manufacturing based on different adhesive technologies. For example, wooden window bonding, aluminum window assembly, as well as PVC window profile wrapping.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors

Adhesive solutions help enhance durable and stable door constructions required to withstand all weather conditions. Adhesive applications include flat lamination and profile wrapping of core materials.


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