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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


In aviation, innovation can never rest. Novel high-quality materials are elevating possibilities and meeting safety, reliability, and sustainability requirements. From structural adhesives to surface preparation, lightning strike protection and new lightweight materials offered as integrated total solutions, Henkel supports manufacturers in redefining air travel.

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New aircraft

Commercial airline needs in the next 20 years.1


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Report that their organizations have sustainability strategies.2


emissions reduction

In aviation will achieve net zero by 2050.3

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Shaping the future of aerospace

The commercial airline fleet is expected to double in the next 20 years. New aircraft are needed to support the growth in passenger traffic and to replace aging aircraft. As OEMs ramp up aerospace production, here are ways Henkel can provide support.

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Aircraft structural materials, parts, and engines require high-quality aerospace structural solutions for safe and reliable fleet operations. Solutions cover a wide range of needs, including aerospace composite and metal bonding adhesives, surface preparation, and lightning strike protection materials.

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Sealants and eleastomeric bonding

Sealants and elastomeric bonding in aerospace provide durable, flexible solutions for joining and sealing critical aircraft components.

Honeycomb core solutions

Henkel provides aerospace-grade LOCTITE® films for strong, durable metal bonding in honeycomb assemblies, meeting industry specifications.

Bonding and assembly applications

Bonding and assembly applications in aerospace ensure strong, reliable connections for critical components, meeting industry standards.

3D printing

Henkel's 3D printing solutions in aerospace provide advanced, lightweight, and customizable components for improved aircraft performance and efficiency.


Hotmelts for Aerospace offer reliable, efficient bonding solutions ideal for various aircraft interior and exterior applications.


Interior aircraft materials cover systems, sidewalls, seats, flooring, ducting, stowage bins, and more within the passenger compartment, cockpit, and cargo hold. Materials must be flame, smoke, toxicity (FST) compliant, lightweight, and high-strength while being suitable for efficient manufacturing.

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Aerospace radar, guidance systems, and satellites demand high reliability, often requiring products certified as ionically clean and compliant with NASA’s low outgassing specifications. Circuit board protection, assembly, and thermal management materials manage heat dissipation, make unfailing electrical connections, and enhance reliability and performance.

Thermal management materials

Diverse thermal solutions, including gap pads, conductive pastes, and phase change materials, optimize heat control in compact designs.

Electronic assembly

Henkel excels in electronic assembly solutions, offering reliable high-performance products for aerospace PCB assembly and more.

Circuit board protection

Aerospace PCB assembly benefits from Henkel's circuit board protection solutions, including encapsulants, low outgassing potting, reworkable underfills, and low-pressure molding.

Infusion resin

Infusion resin is a composite material used for manufacturing lightweight, strong, and aerodynamic aircraft components through infusion processes.

Metal / composite to metal bonding

Metal/composite to metal bonding in aerospace involves joining different materials to create lightweight, durable, and efficient aircraft structures.

Bonding primer

Bonding primer in aerospace is a specialized coating that enhances adhesion, corrosion resistance, and paint bonding on aircraft surfaces.


Propulsion applications present the most demanding of aircraft environments. Engines, nacelles, and auxiliary power units experience extreme temperatures and undergo fatigue yet require long-term durability.

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Conversion coatings

Aerospace coatings enhance metal adhesion, corrosion resistance, and paint bonding, meeting aerospace standards for durability.

Chemical milling

Chemical milling shapes and lightens metal parts, enhancing aerodynamics and strength in aerospace components.

Metal treatments

Henkel provides aerospace-grade LOCTITE® films for strong, durable metal bonding in honeycomb assemblies, meeting industry specifications.

Compressor washes

Aerospace compressor washers are products used to clean and maintain aircraft engine compressors, ensuring optimal performance.

Paint strippers

Aerospace paint strippers are chemicals used to remove old coatings, facilitating maintenance and refurbishment of aircraft surfaces.

Jet engine maintenance

Henkel adhesives for jet engine maintenance provide strong, heat-resistant bonding solutions to ensure reliable and safe aircraft operation.

Wheel and brake cleaners

Aerospace wheel and brake cleaners maintain safety by removing contaminants from aircraft landing gear components.

Aircraft appearance solutions

Aircraft appearance solutions include products and services that enhance and maintain the visual aesthetics of aircraft exteriors.


Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is vital to ensure a safe and reliable fleet. Aerospace MRO covers all airframe, engine, and component services related to aircraft safety and airworthiness, such as ABCD checks, composite repair, depaint/repaint, and engine maintenance. High-quality, reliable materials used in construction and repair help increase the overall safety and longevity of aircraft.

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