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LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Brush Kit

For applying low-viscosity anaerobic adhesives, sealants, accelerators, primers

This applicator brush is used with the LOCTITE® R30 Manual Reservoir, equipped with the Vari-Drop Applicator.

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LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Brush Kit, 10 pcs/pk

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The LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Applicator Brush Kit is designed for use with the LOCTITE® R30 Manual Reservoir equipped with the LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Applicator. The brush can be installed on the Vari-Drop applicator by firmly pushing it onto the tapered nozzle. Use a light film of silicone grease to avoid the brush bonding to the nozzle. The brush can be used to apply low-viscosity LOCTITE anaerobic adhesives and sealants, as well as LOCTITE accelerators and primers.


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LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Brush Kit

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LOCTITE® Vari-Drop Brush Kit