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LOCTITE® Stainless Steel PTFE Dispense Needles (1in)

For ultra precise, clean application of instant adhesives

PTFE-lined dispensing tips, perfect for applying cyanoacrylates (CAs) to hard-to-reach spaces. PTFE is incredibly chemical resistant, which prevents clogging and makes the needle suitable for dispensing most low-viscosity fluids, including UV-sensitive ones. The ideal dispense tip for quick, clean cut-off.

Part no. (SKU/IDH) 1146079
LOCTITE® Stainless Steel PTFE Dispense Needles (1in), Pink, 25 gauge, 50 pcs/pk

Color Please make your selection Pink

Gauge Please make your selection 25

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The LOCTITE® Stainless Steel PTFE Needle Tip is a 1-inch long helical-threaded dispense tip that attaches securely to valves and syringe barrels. The PTFE lining makes the needle highly chemical resistant, and its low surface energy means your adhesive will flow smoothly. It also contains a light-blocking additive to help protect UV-sensitive fluids. Industry standard color-coded tip hubs ensure you can be confident you’re choosing the right size.


Dispensing adhesives

Key characteristics, Recommended:

Material of construction: stainless steel

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> Stainless Steel PTFE Dispense Needles (1in)

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> Stainless Steel PTFE Dispense Needles (1in)