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Automated robotic systems

LOCTITE® RB15 200D Gantry Robot

Dispensing robot for flexible integration with assembly lines

This gantry robot is a popular choice for applications where freedom of movement around the part is essential. Ideal for integration with automatic transfer lines and conveyors.

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LOCTITE® RB15 200D Gantry Robot

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The LOCTITE® RB15 200D Gantry Robot has all its axes above the work area, making them ideal for flexible dispensing applications. It is suitable for both benchtop and assembly line installation, supporting high speed, repeatable, precision dispensing. This gantry-style robot has features and accessories custom tailored for adhesive dispensing processes. It has a 200 x 200 workspace and is compatible with a wide variety of LOCTITE dispense valves, reservoirs and curing lights. It can also be easily integrated into other external devices or systems when used with a LOCTITE I-O Junction Box.

Product category:

Robot systems



Dispensing adhesives

Key characteristics, Recommended:

Axis: 3 axis

Maximum speed PTP - X,Y, Recommended:

400.0 mm/s

Maximum speed PTP - Z, Recommended:

200.0 mm/s

Portable weight limitations - tool light source, Recommended:

2.0 kg

Portable weight limitations - work surface, Recommended:

5.0 kg

Range of operation - X axis, Recommended:

200.0 mm

Range of operation - Y axis, Recommended:

200.0 mm

Range of operation - Z axis, Recommended:

50.0 mm

Used to dispense, Recommended:


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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> RB15 200D Gantry Robot

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> RB15 200D Gantry Robot