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Light curing systems

LOCTITE® PM20 UV Radiometers

Unique tool for measuring intensity of LED curing devices

Designed for accurate and direct measurement of intensity coming from LED light curing devices.

Part no. (SKU/IDH) 2436353
LOCTITE® PM20 UV Radiometers, UV A/B

Light source Please make your selection UV A/B

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The LOCTITE® PM20 Radiometer is available in two configurations: UV visible and UV A/B wavelengths. They provide intensity measurement of LED light curing devices. The PM20 UV VIS Radiometer (item #2436352) is used to measure LED light curing devices that emit visible light wavelengths, while the PM20 UV AB Radiometer (Item #2436353) is used to measure LED light curing devices that emit in the UVA and UVB wavelengths. Each of the radiometers combines all-in-one exposure, intensity measurement, and profile memory capability into one device. The flat response curve makes these radiometers uniquely qualified to measure narrow band wavelengths of LED light curing devices.

Product category:

Process control and monitoring systems for light curing systems



LED spot curing

Light intensity:

5.0 W/cm² - 40.0 W/cm²

Operating type:

UV vis

Used to dispense:

UV and visible light cure adhesives

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PM20 UV Radiometers

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PM20 UV Radiometers