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Light curing systems

LOCTITE® CL42 LED Flood Curing Light Source

High intensity large cure-area flood head

Part of a high intensity flood system specially designed for curing LOCTITE® UV and visible light cure adhesives.

Part no. (SKU/IDH) 2804956
LOCTITE® CL42 LED Flood Curing Light Source, 405 nm

Wavelength Please make your selection 405 nm

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The LOCTITE® CL42 LED Flood Curing Light Sources are part of the LOCTITE CL42 LED Flood Curing System, specially designed for curing LOCTITE UV and visible light cure adhesives. The modular configuration consists of LED light sources with controller and connection cable. The system is offered in either 365nm or 405nm wavelengths. Each CL42 head is equipped with 120 high power LEDs and integrated reflectors, providing uniform curing across a wide area (100mm x 100mm). The expected lifetime of the LEDs is more than 20,000 hours under normal operating conditions. The system is compatible with a manual workstation as well as with automated production lines. It can be operated via a foot switch, or a PLC run in either timer or continuous mode. Long-life, energy-efficient, instant on/off performance: the LOCTITE® CL42 is a great choice among dual control light-curing flood lamp systems.

Product category:

LED flood curing systems



LED flood array curing

Bulb type, Recommended:


Light intensity:

0.0 W/cm² - 2.5 W/cm²

Used to dispense:

UV and visible light cure adhesives

Wavelength, #2804955:

365.0 nm

Wavelength, #2804956:

405.0 nm

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> CL42 LED Flood Curing Light Source

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> CL42 LED Flood Curing Light Source