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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Metal pretreatment goes digital

Digital technologies are opening up attractive opportunities to cut costs, boost efficiency and improve sustainability in the metal pretreatment industry.
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Terms like digitalization, automation or Industry 4.0 can sometimes sound futuristic… but these technologies are already transforming the world of metal pretreatment today. BONDERITE is accelerating this revolution by providing innovative and data-driven digital systems and services that empower players across this industry to optimize applications and processes – and create real value by increasing efficiency and sustainability. 

Digital multichannel controller

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve performance, efficiency and sustainability – and the BONDERITE E-CO DMC system is an increasingly popular option for the metal pretreatment industry. This new process control system can efficiently manage all activities related to setting up, adjusting, controlling and monitoring equipment and processes. The system is suitable for use with all of the world-leading metal pretreatment solutions from Henkel. It features an internal memory that gathers data, and also offers full connectivity. This makes it possible to run automatic parameter checks or automate the dosage of tanks using a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, at any time.

The E-CO DMC system is easy to integrate into existing conversion processes and automation concepts. It is now helping customers to use less chemicals, cut waste, and reduce water and power consumption. The system also boosts safety by avoiding manual process steps and decreasing exposure to chemicals. Overall, it is a strong example of how our solutions and services are supporting customers with implementing Industry 4.0 – and achieving maximum corrosion protection, coating performance and sustainability at a minimized cost.

Smart glasses for instant tech support

Henkel also offers innovative digital services that connect customers with a global team of technical experts. By putting on a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, staff at the production site are able to transmit everything they see to a Henkel service representative in real time. This easy-to-use solution makes it possible to receive valuable support for maintenance or training immediately – without the need for long emails or site visits.

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Stories that inspire

Customers value these advanced digital solutions – and they are happy to share their experiences of using them! Through the “BONDERITE goes around the world” program, people from across the metal pretreatment industry sat in our BONDERITE Chair and told their stories about using our products and services to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, we featured interviews with Henkel experts to provide further insights into our technologies.

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