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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel empowers sustainability for footwear manufacturers

Leading showcase at India International Leather Fair 2023.
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A shoe manufacturer polishing a leather shoe.

Chennai, India – From 31 January to 3 February, Henkel presented its full portfolio of green footwear industry solutions at the India International Leather Fair (IILF) 2023 under the theme “Accelerating Sustainable Shoe Production with Henkel”. As South Asia’s largest leather industry event, IILF was home to the entire range of products in the leather industry, serving as a platform for connecting buyers and sellers across the globe.

Banner with two images, one for dress shoes and one for sports shoes. The banner says "Accelerating sustainable shoe production with Henkel".

Leading solutions to drive sustainability and efficiency

Sports and Fashion is one of the fastest-growing industries shifting towards sustainability. However, footwear manufacturers face major challenges in this shift: satisfying increasing demands for more sustainable products and processes, rising labor costs, and production safety. For the industry, Henkel provides a broad range of sustainable adhesive solutions, from cleaning, priming, and stock-fitting to assembly.

Banner with two images, one for dress shoes and one for sports shoes. The banner says "Accelerating sustainable shoe production".

To minimize the harmful impacts of conventional solvent-based chemicals, Henkel consistently pursues innovation as an industry pioneer. It has developed water-based solutions that are less hazardous, ensuring safer environments for workers. With its expertise in simplifying shoe-making processing and automation, Henkel enables manufacturers to easily advance production. The Henkel 2D and 3D PUR solutions, two-in-one adhesive, One Side Adhesive (OSA), and non-buffing rubber primer can save manpower and reduce CO2 footprint by eliminating processing steps.

With expert knowledge and advanced technologies, Henkel is leading the way in sustainability, innovation, and digitalization.

Banner with two images, one for dress shoes and one for sports shoes. The banner says "Accelerating sustainable shoe production".

Digital tools and 360° expertise to achieve business growth

Remotech, Henkel’s newly launched app, offers direct 24/7 support with digital troubleshooting. Users can find solutions to many common application issues or raise a ticket to request assistance. Compared with onsite technical support services, Remotech is simpler and faster, as it allows customers to save wait time, and easily reach experts or resources that they need. Beyond customer support, Remotech also serves as the gateway into the world of Henkel, where customers can learn about the latest solutions, expertise, and sustainability concepts from across the industry – all on demand. Henkel also provides comprehensive technical services beyond just adhesives, including technical consultancy, equipment solutions, product development, and more.

Remotech services and resources sheet.

Less taken more given

Inspired by Henkel’s purpose – Pioneers at Heart for the Good of Generations – sustainability is ingrained in Henkel’s DNA as the central element of its corporate strategy.

As Henkel continues to trailblaze possibilities, it has defined the intention of sustainable fashion: to reduce impact on the environment, and enrich the value of apparel – Less Taken, More Given. Leading with this vision, the Sports and Fashion team at Henkel Adhesive Technologies is committed to providing industry-leading sustainable solutions for every key application it serves.

Less Taken and More Given means that while doing good for the planet, it also creates products with more value to support future generations. Henkel aims to continually optimize production processes and, at the same time, ensure the excellent performance and sustainability of its products. It means adding value not only to adhesive technology, but to digitally empowered services and a supported network that encompasses the industry’s global value chain. Upstream and downstream the industry chain, Henkel’s assured sustainability in the material phase enables sportwear and fashion brands, designers, and consumers to “bond” with the trends of the future.

A banner with people running by the coast that says "Less taken more given".

Greener style, sustainable growth

Back in 2022, Henkel debuted its newly upgraded sustainable strategy of the Sports and Fashion business with the launch of the Henkel Customer Experience Centre in Mumbai, India. During the opening, Henkel showcased an immersive digitalized exhibition “Greener Style, Sustainable Growth”, using interactive digital tools to demonstrate Henkel’s sustainability strategy and industry-leading solutions. The exhibition welcomed global customers and partners to gain a deeper understanding of Henkel’s technical expertise and join together in pursuing a winning strategy in sustainable fashion.

Henkel was also invited to Copenhagen, Denmark, for the Global Fashion Summit, where it shared benchmarks in sustainable fashion solutions with industry representatives and strategists from top global fashion brands. Together with industry players, Henkel explored how the fashion industry can accelerate in its journey to sustainable development.

In the future, Henkel will continue to innovate and partner with customers toward a more sustainable future for footwear and fashion industry.

People in a Henkel fair.

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