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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Automated robotic solutions

Meet your assembly automation requirements effortlessly with Henkel's expertly crafted solutions. Our comprehensive range includes top-tier dispensing and light curing equipment, seamlessly adaptable to streamline your production line. Explore our array of standard off-the-shelf options, designed for easy integration into your manufacturing setup
A LOCTITE® automated robot with a RC40 dispense system on a lab bench.
A LOCTITE RB40 200D series benchtop robot

Find automated robotic systems

Our robotic equipment line is designed to cater to a broad array of industrial applications from dispensing to light cure equipment. Visit our e-Catalog to explore all the different types of equipment available.

A LOCTITE RC50 with robot valve in a lab setting.

Equipment + adhesives + expertise = total assembly solutions

LOCTITE® Automated Robotic Dispensing Systems are cost-effective solutions designed to simplify the dispensing of adhesives and sealants onto various surface configurations, ranging from simple to complex. Dispensing robots allow manufacturers to repeatedly and reliably dispense patterns of liquid materials on a programmed basis, resulting in improved process efficiencies, minimal material waste, and reduced manufacturing costs. Automated robotic dispensing systems are offered in multiple configurations to meet all your process needs.

Why use an automated robotic dispensing system?

Precision application

Robotic dispensing ensures that adhesive is applied in the correct location on the part.


Robots will dispense in the same location every time, reducing part-to-part variation.


Robots are capable of consistently applying beads of adhesive in difficult shapes and patterns.


High-speed dispensing can be achieved while still maintaining performance requirements.


A properly controlled dispensing process will minimize waste while ensuring performance, aesthetics, and quality.

Ease of installation

Dispensing robots integrate directly with your assembly process.

Choosing the right automated robotic dispensing system

With fully automated options for dispensing and light curing, Henkel offers a full range of equipment products that provide a faster, easier, smarter way to assemble your components.

Explore all our automated robotic dispensing systems products, and find the one that is right for your application.

LOCTITE RC50 revivor with an automated robot and dispense valve.


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