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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Advanced technology with Qhesives

We enable connection with Smart Adult Care, optimize adhesive use with Smart Packaging Control, and empower engineers with our INKxperience Kit. At Henkel, we are enhancing care, sustainability, and digital transformation.

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Smarter connections for a better future

Henkel Qhesive solutions is your partner for tailored adhesive technology. With sensor-enabled diaper manufacturing, real-time production monitoring, and printed sensor development, we're enabling innovation that improves lives. Through end-to-end collaboration and an iterative development approach, we empower transformative innovation across industries.

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Remote health monitoring with smart adult care

Together with our partners, we transform conventional diapers into smart, connected medical devices to improve the everyday quality of life for elderly residents. Our smart diapers use flexible, printed sensors and reusable pods that enable caregivers to remotely monitor relevant health data and get actionable insights for incontinence management.

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Our vision for a brighter future

With innovative technologies and collective thinking, we drive positive change that advances care for a better tomorrow.

Real-time monitoring with smart packaging control

Smart packaging control is our real-time production monitoring system that revolutionizes packaging integrity using intelligent sensors to curb adhesive excesses, minimize defects, and optimize resources. Empowering sustainability without compromising quality, it elevates the entire packaging value chain for a better, more eco-conscious future.

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Innovative IoT solutions with sensor INKxperience kit

Showcasing the flexibility of printed electronics, our sensor INKxperience kit features reusable sensors for detecting leaks, liquid levels, temperature, and pressure. Equipped with pre-set hardware and software, the kit lets engineers explore sensor applications that facilitate remote data monitoring and foster sustainable innovation across industries.

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Uniting for sustainable and innovative transformation

Let's co-create sustainable business ideas that use innovation to create value through powerful, data-driven ecosystems.

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Why work with us?


We create sustainable value chains through global market, engineering, and manufacturing expertise for long-term success.


We facilitate global market access through impactful partnerships and a diverse multidisciplinary network of experts.


We are leaders in the adhesives industry and pioneers in printed electronics offering tailored, agile solutions.

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