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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Factory repair

Comprehensive factory repair services keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. From calibration to rebuilding and repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Overview of services

Our factory repair service offers customers the choice to have their equipment expertly rebuilt or repaired by our qualified technicians. Additionally, we provide NIST traceable calibration services for our light meters to ensure accurate measurements.

Rebuild exchange program

Henkel offers a convenient exchange program for customers, allowing them to replace pumps and valves requiring repair with previously re-conditioned units. The program provides several benefits, including the following:

  • Cost savings: rebuilt equipment is available at less than half the cost of purchasing a new unit, allowing customers to achieve significant savings.
  • Quick turnaround: rebuilt equipment offers a lead time of just 1-2 days, minimizing downtime and ensuring operations can resume promptly.
  • Quality assurance: our highly trained technicians utilize original factory parts for all rebuilds, ensuring the equipment meets stringent quality standards.
  • Extended life: the rebuilt equipment is treated with a Henkel patented technology that extends its use life, particularly when used with reactive adhesives.
  • Warranty coverage: rebuilt equipment comes with a 30-day labor warranty and a 90-day parts warranty, providing peace of mind and protection in case of any issues.

In order for equipment to qualify for Henkel's rebuild program, it must meet specific criteria, which include:

  • Items should be received without any damage to the outer housings. Units with gouges, dents, pry marks, or excessive buildup of cured adhesive that cannot be cleaned are not eligible for the rebuild exchange program.
  • Disassembly of the unit must be feasible. If the unit is cured to the point where it cannot be taken apart, it will not be eligible for the rebuild program.

Units that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Henkel's rebuild program will be subject to an evaluation fee. However, if a customer decides to purchase a new unit, the evaluation fee will be waived. This provides an incentive for customers to explore the option of purchasing a new unit while avoiding additional costs associated with evaluating non-qualifying equipment.

Calibration services

We provide thorough calibration services for all our light meters to ensure they meet the original calibration standards. Our process involves collecting data both before and after calibration, and we provide a calibration certificate that details the test results. Additionally, as part of the calibration process, we conduct meticulous inspections to identify any necessary repairs that may be required for the units. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive calibration services that ensure the accuracy and reliability of our light meters.

Repair services

Our team of trained technicians is readily available to provide expert advice and support across a range of services, including in-house repair, preventative maintenance, training, and assistance in setting up new systems. Whether you require guidance on troubleshooting, repairs, or optimizing equipment performance, our technicians are equipped to assist you. Furthermore, we can arrange site visits as needed, ensuring that our support is tailored to your specific requirements and enabling us to address any on-site challenges effectively. Count on our dedicated team to provide comprehensive assistance and expertise to meet your operational needs.


Take advantage of any of the services Henkel offers, one of the following criteria must apply: 

  • You have an existing direct customer relationship with Henkel and will use a purchase order.
  • You will provide a Visa or MasterCard number for billing purposes.
  • You will have an authorized Henkel distributor send Henkel a purchase order.

To ensure a smooth process for sending equipment to Henkel for repairs, rebuilds, or calibrations, please note the following guidelines:

  • Prior to sending your equipment, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) by contacting the equipment services department. This number is essential for tracking and processing your equipment correctly.
  • Shipping responsibility: the customer is responsible for shipping the equipment to Henkel. Please ensure that the freight is prepaid, and the equipment is clean and free of material. For unspecified materials that cannot be removed before shipping, the customer must submit a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • Equipment insurance - it is strongly recommended that your equipment is insured during shipment. Henkel does not assume responsibility for any damage that may occur during transit to Henkel's facilities.

Before Henkel can proceed with repairs or sending a rebuilt unit, the customer must agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in the quotation:

  • A purchase order or credit card number must be received prior to starting repair work.
  • If a purchase order is not received within 30 days of the quotation, Henkel will return the equipment without performing any repairs.

  • Labor – 30 days
  • Parts – 90 days

  • Henkel cannot guarantee repairs for obsolete equipment or prototypes. Due to potential limitations in the availability of parts or technical expertise, repairs may not be feasible for such equipment.
  • Henkel reserves the right to refuse maintenance or repair on any equipment that has been used in a manner contrary to its intended purpose.

Standard ground transportation, such as UPS, is used to ship all equipment. Shipping via air or any other special shipping requests will be sent either collect, or charged to an account provided by the customer.