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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Equipment trade-ins

Upgrading equipment is a vital investment to maintain operational efficiency. With discounts available for both old LOCTITE® and third-party equipment, you can save money when making the switch.

Expand or upgrade equipment

Upgrading equipment can be an expensive but necessary measure to keep operations running smoothly. Whether you are expanding or simply upgrading existing dispensing equipment, Henkel’s equipment trade-in program is a painless and cost-effective process. 

We offer discounts for both old LOCTITE® equipment, as well as 3rd party equipment that will be applied to your order upon receipt of your old dispensing equipment. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we will send you the new equipment up-front to ensure that it can be integrated into your manufacturing process before sending the old equipment to us.


  • 15% discount (MSRP) when trading in old LOCTITE® equipment for a new LOCTITE® equivalent.
  • 20% discount (MRSP) when trading in 3rd party equipment for a new LOCTITE® equivalent.

Equipment trade-in policy

There are a few conditions that need to be met in order to participate in the equipment trade-in program:

  • You are an established LOCTITE® customer and will use a purchase order or credit card.
  • You will have an authorized LOCTITE® distributor send LOCTITE® a purchase order*.

*Purchase order must be received before the new LOCTITE® equipment can be shipped.
**Additionally, the customer must agree to and sign the Trade-In agreement prior to shipping the new LOCTITE® equipment.

Please contact your LOCTITE® sales rep or distributor for more information regarding feasibility and pricing. You can also directly contact the LOCTITE® equipment services department via the contact form below or call 860-571-5174.

All equipment is shipped using standard ground transportation such as UPS. Any special requests such as air or other shipping methods will be sent either collect, or charged to an account provided by the customer.

Please read all manuals prior to installation. The customer is responsible for training any operators on the equipment and ensuring all required items such as ventilation, utilities, etc. are in place.

All new LOCTITE® equipment comes with a 12-month warranty (for specific details please consult the product manual).

The customer is responsible for ensuring standard maintenance is performed as outlined in the product manual. In case the equipment is damaged outside of the 12-month warranty period, it may be sent back to our service center for factory repair (see factory repair under equipment services).

Your sales rep, distributor or the equipment services group will do an equivalence check to ensure you receive the proper trade-in offer. They will verify that the new LOCTITE® equipment is similar to the old dispensing equipment to qualify for the program discounts.

For 3rd party equipment, this will be done on a case-by-case basis. LOCTITE® has an extensive portfolio of valves, pressure pots, controllers, robotics, syringe dispensing, hotmelt, and light cure equipment so in most cases, a LOCTITE® equivalent will be identified.

There are new LOCTITE® equivalent items for each piece of old LOCTITE® equipment.