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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Gasketing sealants


Thixotropic silicone paste for non-corrosive gasketing

This thixotropic , 1-part, RTV (room temperature vulcanization)-cure silicone paste offers non-corrosive gasketing and blow-out resistance, especially in automotive powertrain applications.

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LOCTITE® SI 5999 is a 1-part, gray silicone paste for non-corrosive gasketing and blow-out resistance. It is thixotropic, so the liquid product won’t migrate after you’ve applied it to the substrate, and is specially designed for servicing, manufacturing and rebuilding, especially in automotive powertrain applications. It’s suitable for temperatures as high as 482°F (250°C).





Key characteristics:

Temperature: high temperature

Number of components:

1 part

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