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High temperature silicone gasketing sealant for flexible flanges

Low strength, 1-part silicone sealant ideal for high temperature gasketing applications. Great on flexible flanges with machined or cast surfaces.

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LOCTITE SI 5920, 300ml

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If you are looking for a high temperature resistant moisture-curing sealant for corrosion-sensitive applications, LOCTITE® SI 5920 will be a great fit. The thixotropic nature of LOCTITE® SI 5920 allows for easy flow dispensing, while preventing the migration of liquid product once its applied to the part. It is ideal for sealing flexible flanges with machined or cast surfaces and is particularly suitable for high temperature applications up to 350°C. It is also used for electrical insulating applications.



Cure speed vs time, 24.0 hr.:

2.5 mm

Extrusion rate:

275.0 g/min.

Gap fill:

1.0 mm

Lab shear strength:

1.4 N/mm²

Number of components:

1 Part

Recommended for use with:


Storage temperature:

8.0 °C - 21.0 °C

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