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Mold release sealers


Fast cure, high-gloss sealer for composite molds  

Wipe-on, solvent-based composite molds sealer for a high gloss surface. Moisture cures in just 20 minutes. 

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Wipe on LOCTITE® FREKOTE FMS solvent-based sealer in your composite molds preparation phase for a high gloss surface. It is formulated specifically as a sealer for fibreglass reinforced polyester, epoxy and other composite molds. It seals microporosities, provides uniform release agent coating, and is moisture-cured in just 20 minutes. 


Mould Preparation

Finish reflection:

Gloss: High Gloss

Full cure time, @ 20.0 °C:

20.0 min.

Key characteristics:

Solvent Based

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