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Thread sealants


Low-viscosity, non-toxic pre-applied thread sealant for automatic dispensing

This high-viscosity, thixotropic thread sealant used for automatic dispensing applications can be roll-coated or flow-coated onto the threads. Perfect for applications where readjustments may be required.

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For high throughput applications, choose a dedicated thread sealant: LOCTITE® DRI 517. This non-toxic, pre-applied water-based thread sealant is perfect for roll-coated or flow-coated bulk processing applications. When convection oven dried, it becomes a resilient, tight-clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads. It's particularly ideal where re-adjustments are required, e.g. rear axle filler plugs, bearing adjuster nuts, pressure gauges and sensors, brake fittings, pipe fittings, and compressor pipe plugs. LOCTITE® DRI 517 is also perfect for cable connectors, screws for plastic assemblies, adjustment screws, overhead fire sprinklers, shower heads, and door closure hardware. Good for applications with an operating range of –65°F to 302°F to (-54°C to 150°C).


Thread Sealing



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