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Anti-seize lubricants


Nickel-based, high performance anti-seize lubricant for heavy duty applications

Nickel-based anti-seize lubricant that safeguards mated metal parts from seizure and corrosion and offers protection in both extreme cold and extreme heat (-65.2°F to 2400°F). It’s made to minimize friction and extend the operational lifespan of your machinery.

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If you want an anti-seize lubricant that helps reduce wear in heavy-pressure applications, LOCTITE® LB 771 is your go-to option, as it’s designed to reduce friction for tight assembling of stainless-steel threads and press fitted parts. This petroleum-based anti-seize lubricant paste contains tenacious metals, oils and graphite materials that slow-moving parts can’t burn away or remove. It’s also built to resist attacks by acids, ammonia, acetylene, and vinyl monomers. This makes it ideal for lubricating and sealing pipe threads in acid environments. Ideal for oiling and protecting drop forge dies and hammers, catalyst bed and reaction chamber supports, conveyor chains, and chemical plant bolts for pump housings and pipe flanges – and in applications with an operating range of -65.2°F to 2400°F (-54°C to 1315°C).

Application method:



Lubricating Parts



Cure type:


Key characteristics:

Chemical Resistant,Heavy Duty,Nickel Based,Pressure: High Pressure,Prevents Seizing/Galling,Temperature: High Temperature

Number of components:

1 Part

Physical form:


Recommended for use with:

Metal,Metal: Passive Metal

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