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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Metal forming lubricants


Soft grease lubricant for coatings of ladles

Easy-application, soft grease lubricant for coating and protection of all ladles that need effective protection from damaging metals.

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When you are looking for a soft grease designed for painting onto ladles or other surfaces needing protection from attack by molten metals or fluxes, BONDERITE® L-CA 696 is what you want. BONDERITE® L-CA 696 ACHESON contains refractory pigments. When immersed in molten metal, it produces a dry, aerated insulating coating, which is highly effective in repelling molten metal, prolonging the life of the ladle. BONDERITE® L-CA CP 799 offers easy application and repair, has strong insulating properties for reducing thermal fatigue, and is formulated to minimize hazards during application and use.

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