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Mold release agents


Semi-permanent polymeric, non-migratory mold release

Solvent-based, room temperature cure, semi-permanent polymeric mold release providing multiple release for most molding processes with no contaminating transfer. 

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LOCTITE® FREKOTE 44NC is a clear to slight blue tint, solvent-based, room temperature cure, semi-permanent mold release with high thermal stability. Specially designed to provide multiple release on advanced composites and rotationally molded plastics with no contaminating transfer or mold build-up, it can be wiped, brushed or sprayed. Minimal cleaning is required before bonding or painting, and dry time between coats is just 15 minutes. 

Drying time between coats, @ 20.0 °C:

15.0 min.

Finish reflection:


Full cure time, @ 20.0 °C:

3.0 hr.

Key characteristics:

Solvent Based

Recommended for use with:

Composite: Advanced Composites

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