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Dispense systems

LOCTITE® Pump-a-Bead II Assembly (850ml)

LOCTITE Pump-A-Bead II 850 ml Dispense System is an all-pneumatic dispense system for pumping LOCTITE anaerobic gasketing materials from 850 ml cartridges.

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LOCTITE® Pump-a-Bead II Assembly (850ml)

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The LOCTITE® Pump-A-Bead II 850 ml Dispense System uses a ram to mechanically dispense product. The ram is actuated by a pneumatically driven reciprocating positive displacement piston pump. This provides for consistent dispensing and ensures that air is not introduced into the product. This system is well suited for stationary or bead dispensing. The LOCTITE Poppet Valve is also included, which is ideal for dispensing continuous beads at high pressures.

Air input pressure, Recommended:

60.0 psi - 100.0 psi


Dispensing adhesives

Fluid pressure, Recommended:

0.0 psi - 650.0 psi

Key characteristics, Recommended:

Viscosity: medium to high viscosity

Used to dispense, Recommended:

Gasket sealants / flange sealants

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LOCTITE® Pump-a-Bead II Assembly (850ml)

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LOCTITE® Pump-a-Bead II Assembly (850ml)