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LOCTITE® MM25 Dual Rotor Pump 4.0

This precision volumetric dispensing pump deliver best-in-class accuracy and repeatability when combined with the MM25 Controller and MM31 Dual Cartridge Pusher. It helps you apply precise amounts of two-part adhesives for drop and bead dispensing, or potting.

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LOCTITE® MM25 Dual Rotor Pump 4.0

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The LOCTITE® MM25 Dual Rotor Pump with stators and drive units is part of the MM25 system and is used to apply precise amounts of methyl methacrylates (MMAs), epoxies, and silicones. Since the direction of adhesive flow is reversible, it can be sucked back to allow a clean break of the product from part to part. It is designed for use with LOCTITE benchtop robots or can be integrated into any stationary work cell.


Dispensing adhesives

Key characteristics, Recommended:

Vacuum suck-back

Used to dispense, Recommended:

Epoxies-2 part,Methyl methacrylates (MMAs),Silicones

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    Dispense systems

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> MM25 Dual Rotor Pump 4.0

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> MM25 Dual Rotor Pump 4.0