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Light curing systems

LOCTITE® 7020 UV Spot Radiometer

This radiometer is designed to measure and display the UV power density (irradiance) emitted by a UV spot curing system.

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LOCTITE® 7020 UV Spot Radiometer

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The LOCTITE® 7020 UV Spot Radiometer is a self-contained, electro-optic instrument designed to provide the operator with instant feedback as to the performance of the spot curing system based on changes in the irradiance. Its power source is a lithium battery stick and its battery life is 12,500 hours continuous operation (over 100,000 readings). Recommended calibration is once every 6 months after unit is put into service.

Product category:

Process control and monitoring systems for light curing systems



Light curing

Bulb type, Recommended:


Light intensity, Recommended:

0.0 W/cm² - 20.0 W/cm²

Used to dispense, Recommended:

UV and visible light cure adhesives

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> 7020 UV Spot Radiometer

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> 7020 UV Spot Radiometer