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Zirconate coatings

Zirconate coatings - a sustainable and reliable alternative to phosphating technologies.
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Working in metal processing factory. Metal parts being treated with zinc coating

BONDERITE® M-NT - zirconate coatings

Trusted for reliability, sustainability and proven successful results, BONDERITE® processes deliver quality and process efficiency through a broad portfolio and technical expertise.

The BONDERITE® M-NT Zirconate coating range offers new pre-treatment solutions as a substitute for zinc and iron phosphating. The thin-film conversion coating provides superior paint adhesion and corrosion protection, while reducing environmental impact. It is suitable for multi-metal conversion (steel, zinc, aluminium) and can be applied using dip and spray methods.

Zirconate coating process

Zirconate coatings represent the ultimate in metal coating processing using the benefits of nano technology to create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting and flexible finishes.

Before Zirconate coating it is essential that the metal surface is carefully prepared to remove all contaminants and allow the coating to create a permanent bond with the metal.

HENKEL supplies a range of BONDERITE® Zirconate coatings and products designed for the preparation of surfaces prior to treatment.  These products represent an environmentally-friendly alternative to iron phosphate used on steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces; and a phosphate-free substitute for zinc phosphating.

The range also includes: a phosphate-free, liquid pre-treatment based on trivalent chromium and zirconium for the treatment of steel, galvanised steel and aluminium surfaces; and an innovative liquid cleaner / coater designed for ferrous material, aluminium, zinc and alloys, which creates a strongly adhering, zirconium-based conversion layer for various types of paint.

The process is very fast and takes place at room temperature.  

This is a photo showing functional coating - nano cermic coating.

Benefits of BONDERITE® zirconate coatings

Zirconate coatings represent the latest evolution in coating technology with the ability to create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting, flexible finishes. In addition to their attractive appearance, nano ceramic coatings have significant benefits in terms of process, cost-effectiveness, and the effect on the environment.

The specific benefits of zirconate coatings:

Ecological benefits:

  • COD/BOD-free – no organics
  • Less handling of hazardous substances
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced waste
  • 70 % less sludge than with iron phosphate
  • No tank cleaning
  • No cleaning or replacement of spray nozzles
  • No heat exchanger blocking

Economic benefits:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • No toxic or regulated heavy metals
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less chemicals for wastewater treatment
  • Less sludge after wastewater treatment
  • Regulation-compliant
  • Fewer process steps (dip or spray)
  • Faster coating process (short contact times)
  • Increased throughput

Process benefits:

  • Consistent quality
  • Minimised sludge
  • Suitable for all substrates
  • Conversion at room temperature
  • Optimised process reliability
  • Fully automated process control
  • Easy to use analytics
  • Applicable in existing lines (brownfield)

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