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Surface treatment, cleaners & lubricants solutions for electric vehicles

Improve battery assembly production speeds and performance with tailor-made products for electric vehicles

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Innovative advancements in electrical vehicle (EV) manufacturing are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in production and design. These new challenges are creating new opportunities in the EV manufacturing processes. 

As a trusted partner, we understand the challenges the automotive industry faces and have developed an extensive portfolio of surface treatment, cleaner and lubricant solutions to meet these needs.  Whether its battery cells, modules, cooling plates, or battery packs, Henkel offers BONDERITE® surface treatment, cleaners & lubricants solutions that are designed to speed up production processes, create high-quality consistent surface finish and increase product shelf life by preventing corrosion.

Contact our team today to learn more about our high-quality and reliable Surface Treatment, Cleaners and Lubricants Solutions for Electric Vehicles.

Battery housing cases surface treatment bath

Metal processing solutions for EV product portfolio

Our extensive range of surface treatments, cleaners & lubricants solutions for Electric vehicles include:

  • Cleaners for cylindrical and prismatic battery cells, battery cooler, module and pack system
  • Lubricants for forming battery cells (deep-drawing or impact extrusion) 
  • Pretreatment / conversion coatings with OEM approvals for etch-passivation & metal pre-treatments  
  • Corrosion protection coatings with excellent corrosion resistance

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