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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Structural bonding for consumer electronics

Explore our advanced adhesives formulated to provide tough and durable adhesion to multiple surfaces.
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Advanced adhesives for sleek, sophisticated consumer electronics

Modern tools of communication, entertainment, and commerce allow extraordinary mobility and connection. In addition to miniaturized design aesthetics and lifestyle convenience, consumers demand rugged durability and device longevity.

Durable structural assembly is central to the aesthetics, function, and lifetime of consumer electronics. That’s why developers and manufacturers trust Henkel’s portfolio of structural adhesives.

Our diverse chemistry platforms

Understanding that each bond line application may be addressed by many material solutions, Henkel has leveraged multiple chemistry platforms to develop comprehensive and customizable adhesive technologies for device assembly. Meeting the intersecting objectives of processability, strength, environmental resistance, and long-term reliability, Henkel adhesives enable cost-competitive, high-productivity, high-performance structural assemblies.

  • PUR hot melt structural adhesives: polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives provide simple, one-part processing, excellent impact resistance, thin, narrow beads, compatibility with dispensing and jetting, fast fixturing, and allow reworkability of high-value electronics. Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) content and bio-based formulations prioritize sustainability.

Our high-impact and sustainable solutions
- General purpose
- Hot creep resistance
- Fast fixture
- Gap filling
- Bio-based

  • 2-part acrylic structural adhesives: two-component methylmethacrylate (MMA) adhesives deliver very high bond strength, fast curing at room temperature, toughness and impact resistance, compatibility with multiple substrates and dissimilar bonding surfaces, and good temperature and environmental resistance.
  • Light cure adhesives: comprised of various chemistries, including epoxies, acrylics, and PUR hot melt hybrids, ultraviolet (UV) adhesives allow on-demand setting and curing for maximum process flexibility and control. Henkel UV adhesives are available in transparent and color-matched formulations, providing highly-stable, strong bonds that align with device aesthetics.

Our high-impact and sustainable solutions
- UV cure
- UV moisture cure
- UV delay cure

  • Silicone and MS polymer adhesives: notoriously elastic, hydrophobic, and thermally stable, silicone and modified silicone (MS) polymers offer benefits for many bonding, gasketing, and sealing applications. UV stability ensures the materials will not degrade or discolor when exposed to light, while the chemistry attributes offer flexible and durable adhesion.

A partner you can rely on

Consumer electronic materials design and development requires more than formulation know-how alone. It takes application experience, global resources and capabilities, real-time data acquisition through digital innovation tools, and insight. When your brand promise depends on quality and performance, you can depend on Henkel. Want to evaluate Henkel materials for your application? Schedule some time with our team.

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