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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Staying dry and dependable

Through close customer partnership, industry experience and engineering support, we unleash the design possibilities for waterproofed devices.
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This is an image showing a mobile phone droped into water.

Waterproofing applications in action

Mobile and wearable device’s reliability has significantly increased in recent years specifically in respect to water, moisture, and chemical ingress. Simultaneously, the design and architecture of these devices has become too complex to rely on standard methods and materials for sealing them.

To effectively safeguard consumer electronics against water exposure, there are three primary areas of the device that require protection. Each of these can be addressed in various combinations to ensure total protection at various levels to achieve manufacturing objectives. Each application is different and there is no one size fits all solution.

Our High-Impact & Sustainable Solutions

Enclosure level

Component level

Circuit board level

Determining the approach depends largely on the Ingress Protection (IPx) rating a manufacturer wants to achieve for its specific product.

Characteristic Numeral

Brief Description of Protection

Typical Usage Conditions





Vertically falling water drops

Light rain


Vertically falling water drops when enclosure is tilted up to 15º

Light rain with wind


Spraying water

Heavy rainstorm


Splashing water

Rain, spraying, splashing


Water jets

Rain, contact with residential faucets


Powerful water jets

Rain, contact with residential faucets and rough outdoor conditions


Temporary immersion in water (up to 1 m)

Rain, splashing and accidental submersion


Continuous immersion (by agreement between manufacturers & users)

Rain, splashing and accidental submersion

Seal the deal

Customers wanted solutions that would deliver waterproof seals between injection molded plastic and metal enclosures on consumer electronics to achieve IPX8 waterproof rating. To satisfy the unique sealing application, we developed a proprietary vacuum gap filling process that meets the most stringent water- and dust-resistant standards.

  • Improved waterproof performance
  • Preserves electronic integrity in occurrence of water immersion or exposure
  • Meets the most stringent IPX8 waterproofing performance standard
  • Automation production with high UPH output
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Vacuum gap filling with UV/moisture dual cure sealant.

Experience makes the difference

Regardless of your waterproofing challenge, Henkel’s advanced materials portfolio has you covered from the inside out!

Henkel’s expertise extends beyond one material or solution for waterproofed devices. Partnering with Henkel means supply chain simplification, holistic product design knowledge and expert consultation from the industry’s most informed materials specialists. Experience counts and Henkel has partnered with the world’s top handheld brands to achieve exceptional results.

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