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Greater efficiency with cost-saving technologies

Find out about how you can achieve greater efficiency with cost-saving technologies from BONDERITE®.
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Some things never change. The constant push for greater efficiency is one of them. Companies are consistently seeking for ways to save time, cut costs and reduce waste. Innovations from BONDERITE® support this never-ending search for improvement by making metal pretreatment processes faster, leaner and greener – while delivering the same excellent quality and performance that companies in this demanding market expect.

Push for innovation

Maximizing output and minimizing input. That’s the idea at the heart of the push for continuous improvement for every business and market in the world – including the metals industry. Companies in this industry strive to use less energy and resources without compromising on their commitment to outstanding quality. And they rely on the latest innovations to boost efficiency and lower costs at each step in the pretreatment process.

BONDERITE® offers a leading global technology portfolio that supports this never-ending push for innovation. The hot sealing additive BONDERITE® M-ED 11011, for example, more than doubles the standard lifespan of sealed aluminum parts, and increases the productivity of single-step hot sealing by over 20 percent. Additionally, it drastically shortens the time needed for hot sealing and reduces the make-up of the bath by 50 percent or more. This contributes to sustainability, while also generating substantial cost savings.

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A big step forward with fewer process steps

Innovations from BONDERITE® are also helping to cut costs and save resources when applying protective coatings to steel and aluminum. Traditional processes involve seven steps – but this can be reduced to five steps by using the nano-ceramic coating BONDERITE® M-NT 1200. The conversion coating is applied in a zinc phosphating process at ambient temperature, which eliminates the need to use energy for heating the bath. This cuts costs, while also reducing maintenance requirements because the technology produces very little sludge or scale. The product also delivers outstanding results in terms of paint adhesion and corrosion protection, and is proven to pass the 1000-hour neutral salt spray test.

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