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Do something new. LOCTITE® NEO - isocyanate-free adhesive

Introducing new to the market technology, LOCTITE® NEO is a two-component advanced adhesive that has been formulated without isocyanates for a better health and safety profile.
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Leading the way in adhesive innovation: introducing LOCTITE® NEO

Introducing LOCTITE® NEO, a portfolio of adhesives with a sustainability contribution and multiple benefits for various applications. This innovative adhesive series is a new and distinct chemistry devoid of isocyanates, BPA, CMRs, and skin sensitizers. It complies with the latest SVHC and REACH regulations, ensures rapid ambient temperature curing, and requires no oven curing, allowing for a reduction in process step and CO2 emission savings. It is an effective solution for filling complicated or narrow gaps and can be a replacement for existing adhesive systems with minimal equipment changes.

Key benefits

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Various adhesive chemistries have replaced mechanical fastening techniques across global industries. Each chemistry has advantages and limitations to consider in the selection process, which creates an opportunity for alternative adhesive technologies such as LOCTITE® NEO.

Download the technical bulletin to learn more about the development process for this next generation technology, as well as LOCTITE® NEO technical performance data, manufacturing process advantages and sustainability contributions.

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