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Constantly connected control with BONDERITE® E-CO Flex

Find out about how you can be constantly connected and in control with BONDERITE® E-CO Flex.
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Digital tech and connected systems offer massive opportunities to improve metal pretreatment processes. The BONDERITE E-CO Flex controller is a powerful example. It’s able to monitor and manage up to six stages in the process, and can automatically adjust a broad range of different parameters. This makes it possible for manufacturers to increase quality and cut costs, while making important contributions to safety and sustainability.

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Metal pretreatment is a key process for all kinds of industries – from making agricultural machinery through to manufacturing white goods, aluminum profiles and many more products. The E-CO Flex system from BONDERITE® controls and manages the main stages in this process to enhance and facilitate the use of chemical surface treatment technologies.

The equipment gathers data from measurement sensors and then uses that data to automatically adjust dosing pumps, electro valves, alarms or other parts of the process. It is able to manage factors including the pH level, conductivities and temperature. And E-CO Flex even has the capacity to control and manage six processes at the same time.

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Supporting sustainability and industry 4.0

The automatic control achieved with E-CO Flex enables companies in the metals industry to make valuable progress toward implementing digitalization in their production processes. It offers constant monitoring, all day and all night. And it opens up exciting potential to make lines more efficient, improve quality, keep people safe and free up time for employees.

E-CO Flex also generates impressive benefits related to sustainability. Its automatic monitoring and controlling can optimize the use of chemicals in a process, while also helping to reduce water consumption and improve treatment processes for wastewater.

The E-CO Flex from BONDERITE® is one of three process control systems that is featured in this mini-series. Watch out for articles about E-CO Flex and E-CO DMC too…

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Follow our journey

Companies from across the global metals industry are now using process control equipment from BONDERITE® to improve performance and quality – while supporting sustainability too. These technologies were also used to create our BONDERITE Chair, which is at the heart of our “BONDERITE® goes around the world” program.

Customers from across industries worldwide are sitting on this chair and telling first-hand stories about using our innovations to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Experts from Henkel will also feature in interviews to provide deep insights into our technologies.

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    The BONDERITE® journey begins

    Through a special chair's journey, Henkels shares the story of our surface treatments, aiming to inspire industry enthusiasts globally.

    3 min.

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    Supporting sustainability by enabling higher use of lightweight aluminum

    The Henkel BONDERITE® Flex process aids automakers and suppliers in efficient aluminum utilization to make their automotive products more lightweight.

    4 min.

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