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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Board-level material solutions

Explore our materials that protect componentry from mechanical shock, thermal impact, and other environmental factors.
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Protection from drop, thermal shock, water, and other potentially damaging environmental influences is critical for long-term reliability of electronic products. This is even truer and more difficult to achieve today, as smaller, higher-density designs, finer-pitched devices and increasingly delicate componentry are integrated into advanced assemblies.

As the electronics market’s premiere materials formulator and supplier, Henkel’s expertise in underfill and encapsulant development is providing assembly specialists with materials that offer essential device protection, while accommodating ease-of-use and streamlined processing for safeguarding and reinforcement of BGAs, CSPs, PoPs, LGAs and WLCSPs. Characteristics such as fast cure, room temperature flowability, high reliability, reworkability and excellent SIR performance are built into Henkel’s broad portfolio of underfill and encapsulant materials, making them ideal for consumer applications.

Board-level encapsulants

Dam and fill encapsulants and glob top materials provide effective chip protection.

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Henkel’s epoxy-, acrylate- and silicone-based liquid encapsulants deliver protection from moisture, water and solder overflow during thermal processing, while reinforcing mechanical strength. Highly versatile and adaptable, our materials provide excellent flow control, strong adhesion to a variety of substrates and can be cured with UV or heat.

Our high-impact and sustainable solutions
- Thermal cure
- Thermal cure with underfill
- UV + moisture cure
- UV + thermal cure

Board-level underfills

Full or partial underfill solutions with fast cure, room temperature flowability, high reliability, reworkability, and excellent SIR performance.

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Henkel has designed a broad range of underfill solutions to satisfy a variety of device reinforcement requirements. From capillary flow underfills for BGAs, CSPs, PoPs, LGAs and WLCSPs to materials that enhance flip chip reliability, our formulations alleviate interconnect stress while enhancing thermal and mechanical performance. For applications where full underfill is not required, LOCTITE® CORNERBOND and EDGEBOND technologies provide a cost-effective solution, with strong perimeter reinforcement and self-centering capability for high reliability assembly.

Our high-impact and sustainable solutions
- Cappilary flow (reworkable & non-reworkable)
- CORNERBOND (reworkable)
- EDGEBOND (reworkable)

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