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Dispense systems

LOCTITE® RC40 Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispenser

An integrated reservoir and controller in one convenient system

Integrated dispensing solution, which combines a dual-channel controller and reservoir in one. User-friendly interface with simple keypad and LCD display.

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LOCTITE® RC40 Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispenser

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The LOCTITE® RC40 Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispenser is a dual channel dispense controller and dispense reservoir in one unit. It’s designed to let you control two outputs independently or at the same time – whether it’s a dispense valve or any other pneumatic device. It has three operating modes: timed, continuous, and manual, so it can easily be used for dot or bead dispensing applications. The reservoir works with 250ml, 500g, 1 liter, 2kg and 200g adhesive packages.

Product category:

Controllers and dispense reservoirs



Dispensing adhesives

Dispense patterns:


Fluid pressure:

0.0 psi - 100.0 psi (0.0 bar - 7.0 bar)

Key characteristics:

Low level sensing

Operating type:


Used to dispense:

Cyanoacrylates,Retaining compounds,Threadlockers,UV and visible light cure adhesives

Works with package types & sizes:

Bottle, 1 l,Bottle, 2 kg,Bottle, 250 ml,Bottle, 500 g,Squeeze tube, 200 g

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> RC40 Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispenser

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LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> RC40 Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispenser